Kids Worship 2017


Our active children’s ministry would love to invite you to join with us as we study God’s Word using the Elements Kid’s Worship curriculum for Children’s Church on Sundays (11:00 am) and Kids Classes on Wednesday nights (6:30 pm). There are classes for all ages!

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join us Wednesday’s at 6:30 PM as we study what a worldview is, what is a Christian worldview looks life, and how can we share that worldview to those who have different views.

A Time to Build


Join us Sundays at 11 AM as we begin our look at the book of Nehemiah. We will be preaching a series titled “A Time to Build”. We look forward to seeing you there!

2016: The Year of Following God

We want to follow God. Of course a church would and should say that. It should be the purpose of every Christian and every church to follow God faithfully.

This year our focus is to follow God wherever He leads us. The Children of Israel knew the where of God’s leading, but they didn’t know the details of how they were going to get there or exactly what it would look like when they finally arrived. But the how and what really weren’t theirs to worry about. Theirs was to obey and follow God where He might lead, trusting that He knew the way and would fulfill the promises He made to them.

This year we want to follow God out of our comfort zones. We want to follow Him off of our comfy pews and out of our comfortable church. We want Him to take us to places where we can see God; where we can see His unmistakable hand working; and where He reveals Himself to us. The only way the Children of Israel experienced those things was to cross the river into the unknown, outside of their comfort zone. We want to follow Him no matter where it leads because in following Him there is great promise and blessing.

We want to follow God into our community. We want to find ways to minister to those around us, to help the hurting, give hope to the hopeless, and show love to those who wonder if love is even real.

We want to find where God is moving and join Him there in ministry.

We want to trust God. We don’t where God will lead, we don’t know how God will get us there, we don’t even know what it will look like when we arrive, but we want to trust that God will provide and He will fight our battles for us and give the victory. We want to trust the promise of God. God promised that He would build His church, and we want to trust and follow Him with our whole hearts to see His promise fulfilled at Lakehills.



Lakehills Free Will Baptist Church exists because of the grace of God. And it is because of that grace shown to us that we desire to in turn share the love, sacrifice, mercy, and grace that Jesus Christ showed to the world to those in our neighborhoods, our city, our county, our state, our nation, and the whole world. We would love for you to come and be a part of the mission of God with us!

Latest News

12/17 – Youth Christmas Party
12/21 – PM Worship and Candlelight Communion
01/04 – PM Prayer Service
01/11 – PM Apologetics: Does God Exist? DNA By Design – Surprises In The Cell
01/18 – Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
01/18 – PM Sunday Supper Club
02/01 – PM Sunday Night Singing
02/08 – PM Apologetics: Does God Exist? DNA By Design – What Are The Chances?
02/15 – PM Outreach Movie Night
02/22 – PM Sunday Supper Club