LYFE – Lakehills Youth

LYFE happens, and sometimes it’s not fun. In today’s culture, every student is pulled in many different directions that lead to confusion, pain, and heartache. LYFE student ministries’ mission is to teach, train, and provide opportunities of service that will result in life transformation. We believe God has called young people to LOVE, LEARN, LIVE. We encourage them to LOVE. Love God and love others (Matthew 22:37-39; Hebrews 13:1). We encourage them to LEARN. Learn the Truth of the Word of God and apply it to their lives – learn to become a disciple of Christ (Matthew 11:29; Matthew 16:24). We encourage them to LIVE. Live to serve God by serving others and fulfill His purpose for their lives (Mark 10:44,45; Galatians 5:13; 1 Peter 4:10).
We plant the seed of the Gospel in their hearts. The seed sprouts and starts to grow. The tree will need deep roots to make it through the difficulties of life. So we water and we nurture and we encourage so that our children will be rooted deeply in the Word and their faith and thrive.

LYFE meets Wednesday nights at 6:30.