VBS 2017 Registration

Child/Guardian Information.

Please submit a separate form for each child.

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Emergency Contact Person:

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Allergies and medical concerns

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Medical Conditions/Concerns:*
Medical Conditions or Concerns:*

If possible, all routine medications should be given prior to arriving, but if that is not possible and you need us to do so please list medication(s), doses, and any other information that would be helpful.
Our desire is that all children have the opportunity to participate in VBS, if there are any types of reasonable medical and/or physical accommodations that your child needs please list them and we will do our best to ensure they are taken care.

Note: If you do need us to administer medication to your child you will need to sign a note giving Lakehills VBS permission to do so.
I need Lakehills to give my child his/her medication:*
List medication(s) dosage info:*
My child needs special accomodations for medical or physical reasons:*
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In case of emergency

Family Doctor (in case emegancy contact cannot be reached):*
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Siblings Attending VBS?

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Photo Consent/Release

Vacation Bible School (VBS) leaders have permission to photograph/film the minor(s) designated above for any lawful purpose associated with this VBS program (we will not publish the name of any child in photos or videos):*

Drop off and pick up

*Important: Parents/Guardians will need to be present at initial drop off in order to sign consent our form in person!!

Person(s) Who May Pick up your Child.

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